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Classic skinhead books: 1970-2000

An interesting review of subculture-related publications, including essay, fiction and comics. Plus an appendix!

Classic skinhead books: Garry Johnson's Oi! book

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Skinhead classics – Books for boot boys

Our friends at Creases Like Knives have published an interesting review of skinhead-related books.

Their research explores essays, fiction and comics from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Skinhead books – Pt. 1: the ’70s

  • Richard Allen, Skinhead, 1970.
  • Susie Daniel – Pete McGuire (eds.), The Paint House: Words from an East End Gang, 1972.
  • John Clarke, The Skinheads and the Study of Youth Culture, 1975.

Skinhead books – Pt. 2: the ’80s

  • Garry Johnson, The Story of Oi! – A View from the Dead End of the Street, 1981.
  • C. Ryan, Skinheads, 1981.
  • Trevor Griffiths, Oi! for England, 1982.
  • Nick Knight, Skinhead, 1982.

Skinhead books – Pt. 3: the ’90s

  • Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Skin, 1992.
  • Steve Goodman, England Belongs to me, 1994.
  • George Marshall, Spirit of ’69: A Skinhead Bible, 1994 (2nd. ed.).
    Note: our blog features a post on the upcoming Italian edition of Spirit of ’69. The article is only available in Italian language, but you can still rely on Google Translate for a rough translation.
  • Marc Griffiths, Boss Sounds: Classic Skinhead Reggae, 1995.
  • George Marshall, Skinhead Nation, 1996.

Appendix – More skinhead books!

The guys at Creases Like Knives have also written other articles on skinhead writers and skinhead-related books. Check them out!

Published: March 18, 2018. Updated: January 11, 2019.

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