He was a skin: an interview with Brendan McCarthy

The British comic strip “Skin” revolved around Martin Atchet, a young skinhead whose arms are malformed from birth.

Freddy Krueger vs. a punk girl

A punk rocker girl challenges Freddy Krueger in Chuck Russell’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” (1987).

“Moonstomp” (2019) by Tim Wells

Reggae, punk rock, skinheads and werewolves: a review of Tim Wells’ “Moonstomp” (2019), a horror pulp novel set in the late Seventies

“Tales of Aggro” (2018) by Matteo Sedazzari

Mods, casuals, ravers and football fans: a review of Matteo Sedazzari’s new novel, “Tales of Aggro” (2018)