Skinhead Sounds, Oi! and street punk label

Skinhead Sounds

An Oi! and street punk label owned by Crombie Media

Skinhead Sounds, la casa discografica Oi! e street punk di Crombie Media

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About Skinhead Sounds

Skinhead Sounds is Crombie Media‘s record label. Although we’re focused on street punk and Oi! music, our logo is a tribute to the reggae record company Impact Records.

Bands we’ve worked with: Klasse Kriminale, Ghetto 84, Asociale, Razzapparte, The Unborn and more.

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Adesivi Skinhead Sounds

Skinhead Sounds catalogue

Still available:

The Unborn – Slasher (Street Punk Anthems) digipack CD [CMCD02, 2019]

The Unborn - Slasher Street Punk Anthems

Horror street punk at its best! 12 tracks.

Price: 8 €.

Klasse Kriminale / Ghetto 84 “Italian Oi! Tribute To NYHC Skinheads” 7″ EP [CMVNL06, 2009]

Klasse Kriminale / Ghetto 84 "Italian Oi! Tribute To NYHC Skinheads"

Italian Oi! legends Klasse Kriminale and Ghetto 84 pay tribute to NYHC. 3 tracks.

Price: 8 €.

The Unborn “Apoi!calypse” 7″ EP [CMVNL04, 2018]

The Unborn "Apoi!calypse" 7" EP

Horror street punk and Oi! from Italy. 4 tracks.

Price: 7 €.

Asociale “Novum Comum” 7″ [SSR05, 2017]

Asociale "Novum Comum"

Italian Oi! classic from the early ’90s. 1992-2017: 25th anniversary edition. 2 tracks.

Price: 7 €.

Klasse Kriminale “Costruito in Italia” 7″ EP (SSR04, 2017)

Klasse Kriminale "Costruito in Italia"

Italian Oi! classic. 1988-2018: 30th anniversary edition. 4 tracks.

Price: 7 €.

Sold out:

AAVV – “Caos in Italia” LP + CD [CMVNL05, 2019]

Caos in Italia

16 Oi!, street punk and hardcore bands from Italy.

Sold out.

The Unborn “Apoi!calypse” tape EP [SSR03, 2017]

The Unborn "Apoi!calypse"

Debut EP. 4 tracks.

Sold out.

The Unborn “Obey” 7″ [SSR02, 2017]

The Unborn "Obey"

Italian street punk with horror lyrics. Debut single. 2 tracks.

Sold out.

Razzapparte “Brucia!” digipack CD [SSR01, 2015]

La prima uscita Skinhead Sounds: "Brucia" dei Razzapparte

Oi! punk band from Viterbo, Italy. 9 tracks.

Sold out.

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