Classic skinhead books: "The Story of Oi" by Garry Johnson

Classic skinhead books: 1970-2000

An interesting review of subculture-related publications, including essay, fiction and comics. Plus an appendix!

Classic skinhead books: Garry Johnson's Oi! book

Attenzione! Questo post sui libri skinhead è in inglese e tutti gli articoli linkati sono nella stessa lingua. Se vuoi leggere articoli in italiano sullo stesso argomento, dai uno sguardo al post su Spirit of '69 di George Marshall, alle interviste con Stewart Home, Tim Wells e Flavio Frezza, oppure acquista il libro Italia Skins!

Skinhead classics – Books for boot boys

Our friends at Creases Like Knives have published an interesting review of skinhead-related books.

Their research explores essays, fiction and comics from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Skinhead books – Pt. 1: the ’70s

  • Richard Allen, Skinhead, 1970.
  • Susie Daniel – Pete McGuire (eds.), The Paint House: Words from an East End Gang, 1972.
  • John Clarke, The Skinheads and the Study of Youth Culture, 1975.

Skinhead books – Pt. 2: the ’80s

  • Garry Johnson, The Story of Oi! – A View from the Dead End of the Street, 1981.
  • C. Ryan, Skinheads, 1981.
  • Trevor Griffiths, Oi! for England, 1982.
  • Nick Knight, Skinhead, 1982.

Skinhead books – Pt. 3: the ’90s

  • Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Skin, 1992.
  • Steve Goodman, England Belongs to me, 1994.
  • George Marshall, Spirit of ’69: A Skinhead Bible, 1994 (2nd. ed.).
    Note: our blog features a post on the upcoming Italian edition of Spirit of ’69. The article is only available in Italian language, but you can still rely on Google Translate for a rough translation.
  • Marc Griffiths, Boss Sounds: Classic Skinhead Reggae, 1995.
  • George Marshall, Skinhead Nation, 1996.

Appendix – More skinhead books!

The guys at Creases Like Knives have also written other articles on skinhead writers and skinhead-related books. Check them out!

(This article was published on March 18, 2018, and updated on January 11, 2019)

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